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Nation Building in the New Central Asia

Nation Building in the New Central Asia

This virtual event is intended to bring together experts, academics, policymakers, and all interested parties to discuss modern strategies for nation-building in a world increasingly dominated by competing developmental strategies. The event will focus on Central Asia and its role in counterbalancing and integrating Western, Russian, and Chinese efforts to influence the region’s trajectory. Since the end of territorial empires after the Second World War and later the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the world has grappled with how to build a nation-state aimed at social and economic modernization. Contemporary challenges, including multiculturalism, sectarian radicalization, mass migration, ecological disasters, mass communications, attracting foreign investment, building institutions and the rule of law, economic interdependency, and an increasingly chaotic and dangerous international system, raise questions for the Central Asians over the traditional prescriptions of the Great Powers and potential alternative models of development.


Nevertheless, traditional ideas and influences continue to dominate popular and even expert views on what nation-building in this evolving region entails. Central Asia deserves expert and public attention to understand current trends. The proposed event will discuss economic, cultural, and sociological achievements and developments in Central Asia and their influence on building modern states, including the track record of recent reforms. This enables us to discuss social modernization, constitutional and legal reform, de-russification, indigenization, language reform, e-government initiatives, and other policy issues.





• Ariel Cohen, Ph.D. – Managing Director, Energy, Growth, and Security Program, International Tax and Investment Center

• Paul Goble – former Special Advisor on Soviet Nationality Problems, U.S. Department of State

• Eric Rudenshiold, Ph.D. – Senior Fellow, Caspian Policy Center, former Director, National Security Council

• Gulzhanat Tayauova,  Ph.D. – Vice-Rector for External Relations and Doctorate Programs, Turan University

• Iskander Akylbayev  – Chief Research Fellow at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan (KazISS)