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Major General U.S. Army (Ret.) Michael S. Repass

Senior Fellow

Major General U.S. Army (Ret.) Michael S. Repass

Major General (ret.) Michael S. Repass is a senior fellow and board member of the Caspian Policy Center. He is the Chief Executive Officer for Able Global Solutions LLC which he founded in 2013 after retiring from the Army. AGS focuses on international business development to match emerging technology, proven products, and capabilities with potential clients. AGS also examines trends and environments for strategic perspectives.

He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY in 1980 then served as an infantry officer in multiple junior officer assignments including company commander. He subsequently spent over 30 years as a Special Forces officer. He commanded at every level in Special Forces from captain to major general. Mike earned a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. He commanded the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM during two combat tours. Mike later commanded the Army’s Special Forces Command, and twice served in Special Operations Command Europe in Stuttgart, Germany first as the Deputy Commander then as the Commanding General. He retired from military service in 2013.

Since 2013, Mike Repass has worked with several international defense companies to assess and develop markets for advanced capabilities placement. He also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member for the Joint Special Operations University and directly supported educational programs to develop strategy and policy options for multiple European and African countries.